Many of you know that my Colorado roots run deep. Not only have I been a long-time resident of Boulder County, I went to school here, raised my kids here, started my business here and remain active in the local entrepreneurship community.

None of that is an accident.

I’ve long believed in the innovative spirit of the Boulder area and have developed strong and lasting friendships and business relationships that have helped me grow Patents Integrated to what it is today. Giving back to the community that gave me so much is part of that, and we have been taking steps over the last few years to take a more active role in supporting Boulder entrepreneurs, local non-profits and others working to make this the great place to live and work that it is.

It started with our sponsorship of CU Boulder’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative and its New Venture Challenge, and is expanding now to include Pledge 1% Colorado, an organization that I’ve gotten to know over the last several years, along with Matt Zwiebel, its executive director.

In its own words: “Pledge 1% Colorado was created around the idea that any business, from startups to enterprise companies, can be a force for good in their communities. Since our first pledge in 2007, more than $10M and thousands of hours of volunteer support has been allocated to impactful nonprofits around Colorado using one of our 5 pledge types. CSR isn’t anything new, we’re just here to make it easier, better and faster.”

The organization got its start internally at Boulder-based Rally Software and has grown into a bonafide movement with more than 300 members in Colorado and donations that have helped dozens of nonprofits in the region. Patents Integrated has joined this group and will be committing 1% of our profit to support local nonprofits and charities going forward.


Because we can and will make a difference right here in Colorado. While 1% might not seem like much, its potential to scale can lead to significant impact for local nonprofits. Multiply that impact by the hundreds of companies participating in Pledge 1% Colorado and you can start to see how transformational this kind of program can be. 

For me personally and for Patents Integrated, the Colorado entrepreneurial community matters so much. It has supported and shaped us over the years and we couldn’t imagine living and doing business anywhere else. That’s why I will continue to support CU’s entrepreneurship efforts, Pledge 1% Colorado and other related programs in the coming years. Because if we want this community to continue to thrive we need to leave it better than we found it. Pledge 1% Colorado is helping us and others make that a reality.

Learn more about Pledge 1% Colorado and sign the pledge yourself here.