"I think there’s always room for more innovation and new things." - Warren Spector




An aspiring entrepreneur came to Patents Integrated with an innovation in a highly litigious sporting goods space.  We were able to identify a benchmark patent, which had just expired and around which all key competitors had been innovating for the past 20 years, thus carving out a niche patent claiming strategy for the client.


Working with an established R&D company, Patents Integrated helped the company to analyze the IP portfolio of a direct competitor as well as the surrounding IP landscape.  The project deliverable was a product development and IP protection strategy to protect the company’s future products, while mitigating potential IP litigation risk.


Patents Integrated helped an up-and-coming technology company to prep for investor due diligence associated with a fundraising round.  Interfacing with the company, the investors, and the due diligence team, we helped allay concerns regarding the company’s intellectual property strategy, and the company was able to successfully complete the round.

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