"We need to move from comparable advantage to perpetual advantage." - Max McKeown




  • Do you have a patent strategy that supports your business growth plans?
  • Are you getting adequate return-on-investment for your patent expenses?
  • Do your products steer clear of competitors' IP?
  • Is your patent portfolio ready for acquisition/licensing/exit?


Patents Integrated is different from other service providers:

  • Patent prosecution attorneys and patent agents concentrate on protecting individual inventions;
  • Patent litigation attorneys focus on the defensibility of patent portfolios;
  • Business consultants are concerned with corporate strategy, and they often do not provide technical or patent expertise;
  • Technical consultants can help with product development, without necessarily considering the existing competitor patent landmines.


Patents Integrated provides added value beyond those offered by each of the above service providers.  We bring a wholistic perspective to evaluate your patent portfolio, from our deep experience in growing, negotiating, and defending intellectual property assets.  We can ensure that your business, technical, and legal strategies are integrated to support your company's goals.


Patents Integrated provides business leaders with peace of mind, ensuring that your company's patent strategy is fully supporting your corporate growth plans.  We achieve this goal through a variety of service offerings:

  • Customized business/patent/technology strategy development
  • Patent portfolio analysis and asset management
  • In-house IP training seminars
  • Negotiation assistance in discussions involving IP, especially in Asia (native fluency in Japanese and English)
  • "Patent Troll" defense strategies




‚ÄčAsk yourself these questions.

Then contact us to see how Patents Integrated can help you become confident that your business, technology, and legal strategies are fully integrated.

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