Your IP is only as valuable as the moat that surrounds it.

Do you have a strategy to protect it?


We get it. Patents are hard.

But, for entrepreneurs and innovators, intellectual property is a necessary evil.


Your IP is only as valuable as the moat that surrounds it.

Do you have a strategy to protect it?


We get it. Patents are hard.

But, for entrepreneurs and innovators, intellectual property is a necessary evil.

We are your patent agent and advisor.

Because innovation is just the beginning, it doesn’t matter how groundbreaking your technology is, how skilled your team is, or how valuable your market is.  Without a structured patent strategy in place, you’re still running the risk of your hard work being stolen by a competitor or patented by someone else. Additionally, potential investors and partners might pass on your company due to your unprotected intellectual capital.

Every good idea needs a moat to protect it. Not someday. Now.

Managing hardware IP is a full-time job. The legal complexities of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets aren’t typically taught in business schools and represent just one more hurdle in the busy life of an entrepreneur. Yet, intellectual property is more important now than ever.

Your business, product, and IP strategies should be integrated.

  • Business consultants focus on corporate strategy.
  • Product development firms focus on product strategy.
  • IP attorneys focus on legal strategy.

You need someone who can integrate all three strategies.


You’ve invested too much in your company and your innovations to leave your product at risk from the competition.


Potential investors and partners WILL ask you about your IP and need to know that it is secure before moving forward.


Strong legal, product and growth strategies can function in harmony to set your business up for long-term success.

Patents Integrated is different.

By combining on-the-ground corporate experience, deep product knowledge, and legal expertise, the patent agents at Patents Integrated create holistic IP strategies that integrate the two roles of IP – protecting your technology from competitors while leveraging it to further build your business.

And we’ve been down this road before.

At Patents Integrated we help turn your innovations into your greatest assets, delivering IP strategies that impress potential investors and acquirers, lock down your technology and provide you with peace of mind without breaking the bank on legal fees. With combined 30+ years working with intellectual property in both the U.S. and Asia, our patent agents know the pitfalls that hardware entrepreneurs face when addressing their IP strategies and use that expertise to build foundational patent and trademark plans for growing, successful companies.

We work with:

• Innovative hardware companies led by experts in their field

• Repeat entrepreneurs who understand the value of intellectual property

• Post seed-stage companies focused on scale and growth

• Startups at the prototype stage and beyond

Meet the team


Our process starts with your business goals, your long-term plans and your fundraising objectives.


Our market insights help you develop unique products that steer clear of your competitors’ intellectual property.


Our custom IP strategies mitigate the legal risks facing your innovations and protect your competitive advantage.

“Patents Integrated has been an effective and efficient partner for BridgeComm in developing our intellectual property portfolio. In particular, key guidance has been given into the IP protection processes that are critical for a technology enterprise to be competitive.”


We emphasize a creative and engaging work environment.

Meet the team
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