We are a different kind of patent agent.

At Patents Integrated, we aren’t patent attorneys. We aren’t business consultants. We aren’t product developers. We’re more than that, pulling from multiple disciplines to create IP strategies that not only protect our clients’ innovations but fully support their long-term business growth plans.


Intellectual property isn’t one-size-fits-all. Every business is different, with different needs, challenges and goals. Our team has deep experience across the entire innovation lifecycle – from product development, to IP portfolio management, patent monetization and beyond – because we’ve been there ourselves, working with everything from startups, to public companies, to government entities, law firms and more.

We bridge the gaps between business leaders, technologists and legal professionals

We ensure that your company’s patent strategy is fully supporting your corporate growth plans through a variety of service offerings including:

  • In-house IP training seminars
  • Negotiation assistance in discussions involving IP, especially in Asia (native fluency in Japanese and English)
  • “Patent Troll” defense strategies

Yoriko’s solid science background enabled her to comprehend and articulate technical information in a way that brought me comfort that she understood my invention. Her industry experience further provided me direction so that I could see the landscape of intellectual property and strategize my project.”




I started working in patent prosecution in 1996, and I have been a U.S. Registered Patent Agent since 2001. I hold a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Optics emphasis), an M.B.A., and a B.A. in Physics. I’m also a Certified Licensing Professional, recognized by the Licensing Executives Society, and have been part of the IAM Strategy 300, which recognizes the top IP professionals as nominated by their peers. I have native fluency in both English and Japanese, as well as extensive experience working and negotiating in Asia.



MaryBeth is a skilled Licensing Professional with 10+ years of experience negotiating technology licenses and intellectual property terms in contracts. MaryBeth has worked at law firms, as an in-house patent agent, and most recently as Director of Technology Transfer Licensing and Associate Director of Intellectual Property at the University of Colorado, Boulder. MaryBeth has diverse IP management experience, including over 10+ years of experience managing portfolios of chemical, chemical engineering, materials, and cleantech technologies.


Patent Agent

Megan is a Patent Agent with law firm and in-house experience drafting and prosecuting patent applications.  With an education in mechanical engineering and medical devices, Megan has worked on patents spanning a wide range of technology areas including mechanical systems, optical systems, electronics, manufacturing, and health care.  Most recently at augmented reality startup Magic Leap, Megan was recognized by inventors for her attention to detail on complex, strategically important patent applications within her portfolio.



Barbara is an IP Paralegal with 18 years of experience in the patent field.  She has worked in a corporate setting, in law firms, and in her own business as a virtual paralegal.  Barbara is experienced in assisting in patent prosecution, litigation and licensing.

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